Stoke on Trent: Design Strategy for the Built Environment


Design Strategy for the Built Environment

Policy and Guidance for the Design of New Development

Department of Planning, Development and Environment

City of Stoke on Trent

July 1999

Putting People First

Executive Summary
1 Design Policy
2 Detailed Guidance 

2.2 Urban Design
2.3 Architectural Design
2.4 Development in Historically Sensitive Locations
2.5 Alterations and Extensions
2.6 Design Statements
2.7 Public Art

3 Implementation

3.1 Detailed Design Guidance
3.2 Development Control
3.3 Communications and Education
3.4 A Proactive Approach
3.5 Monitoring and Evaluation


Appendix A
Urban Design Analysis and Local Character

A1 The Purpose of the Analysis
A2 Urban Structure
A3 Urban Character and Legibility
A4 Movement Through the Urban Environment - Permeability
A5 Building Character and Architecture
A6 Conclusions

Appendix B
Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats

Appendix C
Urban Design Map