A City is not a Tree - publishing history

The article first appeared in two parts in

Architectural Forum in 1965 (Vol 122, No 1, April 1965, pp 58-62 (Part I), and Vol 122, No 2, May 1965, pp 58-62 (Part II), and was subsequently republished in

Design No 206, February 1966, pp 46-55;

Ekistics Vol 23, pp 344 - 348, June 1967;

Hefti Birtingur No 13, 1967, pp 50-72;

Architecture Mouvement Continuite 1, November, 1967, pp 3-11;

Cuadernos Summa-Nueva Vision, No 9, September 1968, pp 20-30;

Stichting Wekgemeenschappen Bergeijk, 2; (1966?), pp.77-108

Approach, Spring 1968, pp 26-27;

It also appeared later in anthologies and other edited works:

Architecture Anthology, (1969), Arizona State University, pp. 580-590;

Tres Aspectod de Matematica y Deseno, (1969), Barcelona, pp. 19-60;

La Estructura de Medio Ambiente, (1971) Barcelona, pp. 17-55;

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Architecture Culture 1943-1968: a Documentary Anthology, Ockman, Joan, ed. (1993), Columbia Books of Architecture and Rizzoli, New York, pp.379-388.

This electronic version appears by permission of the author, and was created by RUDI in 2000. It was taken from Thackara (1988), although the diagrams from the original 1965 articles were used to create our images, and we are grateful to Professor Nikos Salingaros for re-drawing Figures A-D.