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In addition to providing substantial resources for its members, RUDI offers consultancy services via its team of experts in the fields of editorial consultancy, research services and content creation.

We support our partners and clients in both the public and private sectors with research, proposal-writing and advisory services.Through our links with the Joint Centre for Urban Design (JCUD) we can also put members in touch with experts in the field of urban design, planning, regeneration and placemaking.

Our web and information-based activities include:

  • Creating case study material
  • Tailor-made knowledge searches
  • Research and information-gathering on urban design topics
  • Project reviews
  • Web-based public consultations
  • Design, creation and hosting of relevant web sites

To find out how RUDI's experts can supplement your team's own expertise and resources, email us or call us on: + 44 (0) 20 7091 7959.