Greenwich Peninsula

Greenwich Peninsula

Client Meridian Delta Ltd

Masterplanners Farrell

Home to London’s Millennium Dome, the Greenwich Peninsula is a highly constrained development site bearing the scars of a diverse industrial history. Covering 74 hectares with 2.5 km of river frontage, its comprehensive regeneration marks one of the largest planning applications ever submitted in London and presented significant challenges to the design team.

At its heart was the need to create an urban quarter for london embodying the concept of growth, renewal and rebirth, while embracing the existing infrastructure. Farrells have proposed a network of streets, squares and parks ensuring clear lines of connection north to south and arching cross streets around the curve of the dome.

The proposals demonstrate a comprehensive and sustainable approach to the planned development of a whole new urban district. Local planning approval was granted only 17 weeks after submission, followed swiftly by the endorsement of the Greater London authority and office of the deputy Prime Minister, which signifies the strength of support from local up to national level.

Over the next 15 years, the new riverside community will provide homes for 20,000, and workplaces for 24,000, alongside places to work, eat, shop, and relax. Reducing carbon-dioxide emissions To improve air quality the Peninsula will be london’s first low emission Zone. From 2009 all cars owned by residents will need to be euro 4-compliant.

Waste management

To reduce waste and encourage the recycling of both construction materials and domestic waste the proposal aims to achieve high levels of recycling by providing easy-to-use recycling facilities in all the homes and offices.

Water efficiency

To reduce water consumption and conserve water measures will be put in place including water efficient taps, showers and toilets in all buildings.


To create energy efficient buildings and reduce energy demand building design will include the use of solar shading solutions, natural ventilation and improved insulation standards.

Construction impactsTo minimise the impacts of noise, dust and vibration when construction is taking place development partners will operate under strict guidelines.

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