London Living Streets Green Man campaign launched in Brixton: TfL promotes walking

Living Streets in London has launched their first public campaign - calling for better crossing facilities for people on foot. London Living Streets Green Man was on hand today helping hundreds of people cross Atlantic Road - where there is no green man crossing.

The junction is a very busy one for people on foot. It's right in the heart of Brixton, next door to Brixton tube station and within a stone's throw of Brixton Academy. Marie Pasquier, a local mother who uses crosses the road every day with her young daughter Lila explained ‘It feels ever so dangerous.

All I want to do is walk safely to school with my daughter, but every day we are forced to pick our way across. It's just not good enough’. It highlighted perfectly the problems that people face all over London when green men are missing. But it's not a new problem, or one that's easy to get sorted. Francis and Chris Whittaker travelled from Hanwell for the launch.

They explained that they first asked for green men at a local junction when their daughters were walking to school. That was 30 years ago. They're still fighting for them now. London Living Streets Green Man is a symbol of hope for people on foot in London - and all over the country. He will be visiting junctions all over the capital this summer. It's time for pedestrians to fight back.

Walking scheme for London

Transport for London (TfL) is asking people to think about walking rather than taking the car on short journeys, as it launches its first ever walking campaign. The light-hearted posters and radio ads ask the question 'Why not walk it?', focusing on the school run and the commute to work. Audio clips of the radio ads:

Research shows that half of all car journeys in outer London are less than two kilometres – a distance that can be easily walked by most people in 25 minutes. London's children could also benefit from walking to school, which would improve health, help ease congestion and cut pollution. The Mayor of London is committed to making London one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world.

The Mayor and TfL are investing a record £126 million over the next three years to further improve conditions for people on foot. Londoners will see new pedestrian crossings, lowered curbs and improved signage making a real difference to local communities across the capital. Encouraging more sustainable forms of travelling is also part of the Mayor's Climate Change Action Plan for London.

Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, said: 'London is a great city for walking and we are investing to make it even easier and safer. 'This Transport for London campaign encourages people to think twice before using the car for short journeys. 'Walking offers a great way to travel as it is good for your health and helps reduce carbon emissions as we all try to prevent catastrophic climate change.'

Jenny Jones, the Mayor's green transport advisor, said: 'Walking is the cleanest, greenest, healthiest, and most enjoyable way to get around our city. 'And walking isn't just good for those doing it. 'Every pedestrian is one less person going for that final seat on the bus or tube, one less car choking our congested roads. 'Without Londoners' 5.7 million daily foot journeys, London would not move at all. The more that we can do to encourage the best mode of transport there is, the better off all Londoners will be.'

Dr Mike Knapton, Director of Prevention and Care at the British Heart Foundation, said: 'Creating towns and cities that are easy, safe and attractive to get around on foot is vital for improving the nation's heart health. 'Our 30 a Day campaign, also launched today, encourages people to get active to safeguard their future health and wellbeing. 'Walking is a great way of doing this. 'While there is still much to do, Transport for London’s commitment to improving walking routes in the capital is a big step in the right direction.' Copies of the radio and poster adverts are available on request.

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