50 million for promoting walking and cycling schemes across the UK

Sustran's Connect2 scheme has won, by public vote, a £50 million award in the Big Lottery Fund's The People's £50 Million Giveaway.

Sustrans is the UK's leading sustainable transport charity. We are the charity behind the National Cycle Network, Safe Routes to Schools, Bike It and TravelSmart, all projects that are changing our world one mile at a time.

Connect2 will revitalise walking and cycling in 79 communities across the UK by creating new routes for the journeys we all make every day. Crossing and bridges will be created over busy roads, railway lines and rivers, linking into new networks of local paths to get you to where you want to go.

If Connect2 wins, millions of you will be able to travel in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way to the shops, school, work and the park. Connect2 will also bring people closer together, making journeys quicker and more convenient and leaving more time to spend with family and friends.

With 79 Connect2 schemes planned across the UK, from the White Cliffs to Derry, from the Millennium Stadium to Norwich City, from South Devon to Perth, there’s likely to be one near you. In fact, some 6 million people live within a mile of a Connect2 scheme.

But it’s not only the people who live close to a Connect2 scheme, or even the hundreds of thousands of children who go to a school near a Connect2 scheme, who will benefit. We all will. Obesity and climate change are the big challenges, but we can each play our part in tackling them. The more we can get ourselves active in our everyday lives, and the more opportunity we have to travel under our own steam for local journeys, the more chance we all have of changing our world.
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