Politicians call for greater use of Google Maps 'mash-ups' for plotting crime

The Conservative Party, one of the two main political parties in the UK, has called for every police force in the country to produce a map mash-up showing where crimes have been committed, says the unofficial Google Maps Mania blog. The statement was recently a leading story on the BBC news.

The Conservative Party plan refers to CrimeReports.com in the US as an example of the kind of map that they want UK police forces to produce. We reported last month on how CrimeReports was being adopted by police departments in fifteen states in America. On Monday of this week we posted reviews of a number of other crime maps.

One of the maps reviewed on Monday was my own London Crime Map, which when compared with the CrimeReports map is a good example of the problems being highlighted by the Conservatives in producing UK crime maps. Police forces in the UK only produce crime data on an area by area basis and do not reveal the exact location of where crimes are committed. The London Crime Map therefore only gives crime statistics of neighbourhoods rather than mapping individual crimes like CrimeReports.

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