Finding key urban design guides, policy, strategy and guidance

Placemaking guides and good practice

Over the past 10 years, an increased focus on placemaking and regeneration across the UK led many public bodies and campaigning groups to engage in placemaking initiatives. Information on these initiatives is available via RUDI, along with guidance on specific elements of the placemaking mix.

Key urban design guides: By Design, Urban Design Compendium, Manual for Streets, etc

RUDI's extensive collection of best practice strategy and guidance, from play strategy to community engagement

Planning policy and regulation in England

Planning Policy Statements and Guidance

Regional spatial strategies and regional planning guidance

DCLG guidance on Spatial Plans in Practice: Supporting the reform of local planning

Reform of the planning system on the Department for Transport website.
Integrating spatial and land-use planning with transport is key to promoting sustainable patterns of development and economic growth.

Code for Sustainable Homes documents, and related guidance

The role of local authorities in creating low carbon economies

Community engagement: Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill