The sum of a beach? Nottingham Riviera, an urban beach in the market square

In London and Berlin beaches have been reclaimed for public use, however, artificial installations emulating beach activity in an urban setting are gaining popularity with local authorities.
In 2002 Bertrand Delanoe announced his scheme for an urban riviera in Paris – the 'City of Light' with others following such as Birmingham to establish this urban trend.
Nottingham's market square is the latest in this 'new wave' of urban attraction with a temporary summer 'urban beach'.

The UK, islands, being blessed with many beaches and river network, so you could ask, why a beach in an urban situation?

Retailers are keen to retain and attract their customers presence and novelty ideas that offer alternating space can achieve that aim. The dash to the coast on an infrequently favourable sunny day can be quite an ordeal in terms of traffic so perhaps the abstracted beach concept is not such a bad idea after all?

Nottingham Riviera continues for six weeks throughout the summer until September 5 and will be open daily from 10am until 10pm, providing free beach fun for the family during the day with late afternoon and evening relaxation for city workers, commuters and the cool night time crowd.

Each day there will be a programme of free entertainment and activities around the beach, including competitions, sports events and music. Wednesday's event will be hosted by Heart 106, and includes a performance from Scooby Doo at 1pm, with a chance to meet cast members, giant Punch and Judy Show with steel bands followed by some sounds of summer from the Bikini Beach Band.

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