Pedestrian Modelling: 3rd annual People, Places & Movement conference at Modelling World 2010

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Modelling World 2010: Bringing together Transport Modelling, Pedestrian Modelling and Data Collection

Modelling World 2010 17 June 2010, Chelsea FC, London | View Agenda | Download Brochure

Pedestrian Modelling seminars at Modelling

Pedestrian Modelling is 1 of 3 discussion streams at Modelling World 2010:

•• Transport Modelling •• Data Collection ••Conference attendees can attend morning & afternoon seminars from any of the 3 streams.
Find out the Full day Agenda, and all seminar programmes at the official Modelling World Website..

Morning Seminar

The availabilty of empirical data for pedestrian dynamics and current academic developments
Tobias Kretz, Pedestrian Simulation, PTV Germany


Assessing local accessibility and
movement patterns
Speaker from Space Syntax

Urban Circus

Experiential walkability simulation in transit station precincts
Steve Goddard, Urban Circus

Urban Circus
Afternoon Seminar

Analytical evaluation of the quality of shared space for both road traffic and pedestrian users
Chris Oakley, Crowd Dynamics/Quadstone Paramics

Crowd Dynamics

Rail Station Case Study: Comparison of a Grid - based & Continuous Space Modelling Approach
Christian Castle, Pedestrian Modeller, Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald

Benefits derived from pedestrian modelling in the context of major rail stations
Charlie Parker, Senior Consultant, Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson
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