Access & Activity: Creating successful town centre and local economies

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Creating successful town centre and local economies

17th Annual Quality Streetscapes Conference
26 Apr 2012 | 15 Hatfields, London

How do we create places that people want to visit and spend time in?

This event will explore:

  • Innovative ways to demonstrate how good urban realm design adds economic and social value
  • Delivering place-based approaches to growth and vitality in the age of localism
  • Effective tools and practices to mitigate development risk
  • Best practice local partnership working in an evolving funding and planning framework
  • Focused approaches to urban realm investment
  • Place-making as a key driver of economically viable and socially sustainable development

Presentations will explore the use of new tools and practices to deliver a deep understanding of the demonstrable relationship between good urban design and value, and explore innovative partnership approaches to developing place-based local plans rooted in credible viability testing.

This event will provide essential information and insights for the following:

  • Urban designers
  • Highway and traffic engineers
  • Planners
  • Architects
  • Town centre managers
  • Landscape architects
  • Regeneration managers
  • Conservation officers
  • Estate and property managers
  • Developers
  • Economic development officers
  • Consultants
  • Retailers
  • Local Governement policy makers
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Speakers include:

Delegate rates

  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Head of Highways, EC Harris
  • Tim Stonor, Managing Director, Space Syntax
  • Julian Dobson, CEO, Urban Pollinators
  • Patrick Troy, CEO, British Parking Association/ATCM
    (joint report into town centre parking practices)
  • Patrick Knight, Head of Place Management & Economic Development, Plymouth City Council
  • Rob Cowan, Urban Design Skills
  • Laura Vaughan, Professor of Urban Form and Society, UCL
  • Martina Juvara, Global Head of Urban Design, SKM Colin Buchanan
  • Councillor Shona Johnstone, Vice Chair of the Local Government Association Economy and Transport Board
  • Andy Perkins, Development, Locality

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Local Authority/Small business (<5 staff)

Voluntary sector/Students

£295 +VAT


£145 +VAT

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This event will explore:

  • how to create strong partnerships and positive management organisations to drive town centre growth, value and vitality
  • the range of powers, guidance and tools that can help town centres
  • how to use use available tools and processes effectively
  • the many creative approaches that local partnerships are already taking
  • ways of assessing need, particularly in the case of social and cultural uses gaps in knowledge and practice, and potential ways forward

Growth and value: an economic and delivery framework for place-making

  • Place economics: assessing need, place audits and evidence-based, town-centre focused business plans
  • Delivering a collective vision: techniques for capturing the economic performance of places
  • Finding the funding: policy aspirations and delivering place-based outcomes

Designing for delight: attractive and accessible centres

  • Convenient journeys: accessibility to, from and within town centres
  • Creating active, multi-functional hubs: delivering better transport-related outcomes
  • Towards 'destination' and the retail, business and leisure mix

Joined up thinking: agreed visions and town centre business planning

  • Policy context, guidance and tools for the new mix of local government, business and stakeholder input
  • Linking business growth, economic development and revenue: spotlight on car parking strategies
  • Performance management: measuring, demonstrating and communicating success

Great expectations: responding to what communities need and want

  • Localism in practice: accommodating changing movement, living, working and leisure patterns
  • Generating new uses and revenue for places in transition
  • Place-making, not planning: using available tools and processes effectively