Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning Guide collates examples from neighbourhood plans on transport, energy and green space

CSE has produced a Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning Guide. The guide explores what communities can do, through neighbourhood planning, to mitigate and adapt to climate change and tackle fuel poverty, and is an update to the PlanLoCaL Localism resources developed a couple of years ago.

Harriet Samson is one of the authors. "The guide collates policy examples from different neighbourhood plans, covering renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport, flooding and green infrastructure" she said. "It also covers sources of evidence to support neighbourhood plan policies, and non-planning activities or projects that different communities have pursued to address community priorities."

If you use the guidebook to inform your neighbourhood planning activities we’d love to hear how you got on, whether it was useful and what improvements we could make.

"It's an evolving document" said Harriet, "so we welcome all feedback and ideas for inclusion in the second edition.

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