Developers urged to design appropriate waste storage areas for new homes to tackle 'bin blight'

Developers urged to create appropriate waste storage areas when designing new homes in order to tackle 'the ghastly gauntlet of bin blighted streets and driveways,', says DCLG. For years, say ministers, badly-placed wheelie bins and the proliferation of multiple bins have created a blot on the landscape.

'In streets up and down the country, ugly bin clutter has ruined the street scene and the look of people’s homes and gardens.The daily obstacle course of wheelie bins and recycling boxes clogging up front yards, gardens and driveways can end with new planning and housing guidance,' Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has announced. He reinforced government’s commitment to tackle “bin blight” - the neighbourhood scourge of middle England.

The government is to publish suggested new guidance - proposals on both housing design standards and practice guidance on planning - which will require suitable provision to be made for proper waste storage in new homes. This will help avoid bins dominating residential streets or contributing to increased odour and roadside litter, and problems with rats, mice, flies and urban foxes.

These actions build on Eric Pickles’ moves to abolish bin taxes, stop unfair bin fines being issued on family homes, and scrap Whitehall directives demanding fortnightly bin collections. The government’s £250 million Weekly Collection Support Scheme has protected a weekly bin collection for 6 million families and supported 41 innovative reward schemes to show how families can increase recycling without facing punitive fines and taxes.

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