Places for all - Birmingham

BirminghamPlaces for All: City Design Guide

'Places for All' has been produced as a response to the lack of general design guidance that relates to all types of development throughout the city.

The City Council approved 'Places for All' as Supplementary Planning Guidance in November 2001. The document is now a major material consideration for determining planning applications for all development proposals throughout Birmingham. The aim of 'Places for All' is to emphasise quality of design and sustainability firmly based on proven design principles. The guidance also reflects national planning policy as well as building on the principles of good urban design contained within the Birmingham Plan.

'Places for All' is a sister document to 'Places for Living' and adopts a similar approach and format. Many of the issues and principles are similar but have been focused to apply to all developments - not just those with a residential component. The two documents should be used in conjunction.

Further SPGs are planned for 2005 on Lighting Places, Art Places and Public Space.