Mid Befordshire - Design guide for residential areas in Mid Bedfordshire

Mid Befordshire - Draft Design Guide for Residential Areas in Mid Bedfordshire

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Adopted 2004

This design guide has been produced to assist applicants in creating places of character, which are sensitive to the context of their sites and settings and which are sustainable, secure and accessible to all.

The guide was devised in response to the Council's view that the standard of design of most residential schemes is disappointing, in that the site layout, relationship to site features and the setting of the site, the use of inappropriate house types which rarely contribute to the quality of the street scene and the use of clich├ęd design features, have little to do with local distinctiveness.

It is intended that the Guide will provide the basis for negotiation on the design of residential areas with planning and highways officers, Police Architectural Liaison officers and others, in that it sets out an agenda and basic illustrated principles which can be considered within the context of individual sites.