pratice profiles

practice profiles

RUDI's latest service is a database of practice profiles. Practices working in the urban design and placemaking sectors can use this space detail their outlook, ways of working, project lists and to showcase case studies.

To find out more about pratice profiles please email RUDI.

urban design jobs

RUDI’s specialist recruitment service reaches more than 10,000 international members


editorial consultancy

RUDI’s specialist team regularly creates and manages all types of content relating to placemaking across all media, including print

products and services

View a searchable database of products and services relating to placemaking, renewable energies, construction and planning


practice profiles

RUDI is building a specialised database of practices involved in placemaking and urban design. Contact us to join the listing

register of tenders

RUDI maintains a searchable database of current UK tenders and recent awards across the UK and internationally


register of specialists

RUDI maintains register of qualified and experienced professionals offering their services to local authorities and consultants

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