London - Waltham Forest - Supplementary Planning Guidance

The Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes (SPGN) produced by the borough contain detailed guidance on various planning matters and expand on the policies in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).The following Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes can be downloaded and viewed.
SPGN 1: Residential Development Standards (Adopted June 1996) (pdf) or (word)
SPGN 2: Dwelling Conversions - Self Contained Flats (Adopted June 1996) (pdf) or (word)
SPGN 3: Dwelling Conversions - Non Self Contained Flats and Bedsitters (Including Bed and Breakfast Accommodation) - (Adopted June 1996) (pdf) or (word)
SPGN 4: House Extensions (Adopted September 1996) (pdf) or (word)
SPGN 8: Shopfront Design Guide (Adopted June 1999) (pdf) or (word)