Project overview: Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE

Technical Data :

Location : Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE

Architects : Al Khatib Cracknell (AKC)

Project size: 51,0000m2

Clients : Dubai Municipality

A prestigious new 50 hectare park located in central Dubai. AKC was the lead consultant for this technology themed leisure and entertainment park, which was completed in August 2005.


This formal avenue of trees and palms provides one of the key vehicular gateways to Emirates Towers, Dubai Convention Centre, Dubai International Financial Centre and a prestigious residential area. Making use of shaded walkways for pedestrians and joggers, AKC worked as a part of a team along with road engineers and the local authority to resolve the complex traffic and utilities issues associated with integrating landscape treatments into existing road corridors.

Zabeel park data

A new leisure and entertainment park located in the heart of urban Dubai, and with a 'modern technology' theme.

AKC is prime consultant for this landmark development. The extensive landscape design includes a series of themed gardens, an Imax cinema complex around a feature lake, an amphitheatre with capacity for 2000 people, two zones featuring futuristic technology and alternative energy exhibits, an adventure area and sports facilities, a maze and a boating lake.

The park, located on three separate plots to the north east of the Dubai World Trade Centre, is aimed at boosting domestic and international tourism in Dubai.

The park's three plots are interlinked by pedestrian bridges. The Dh200 million park comprises a number of provisions including food courts, a cricket pitch, an amphitheatre and exhibition centres. All three zones are connected by a 'road train', which transports visitors from one zone to the other.

With an overall area of 47.5 hectares the park has been designed with a technology theme that reflects the current status of Dubai as a regional centre for the development of high technology and IT industries. To reflect and maximise the technology theme, the park features a series of high tech interactive displays including educational and recreational exhibits grouped into three zones (Alternative Energy zone, Communications zone and Techno zone) as well as a maze modelled on the planetary system and other technology based attractions. In combination with these elements, the park features a contemporary and futuristic style that provides the park with an individual, vibrant and unique character, unseen before in other parks of Dubai.

The 200 square meter Exhibition Gallery, situated on the main piazza opposite the restaurant, will provide a flexible internal exhibition space which can be used for a variety of exhibitions, by local school and community groups, private companies and by Dubai Municipality. Exhibitions can include a wide range of interests from sculpture and painting to promotions, such as product launches for computers cars or mobile phones, as well as educational displays on innovations from the world of science and technology.

Zabeel park plan and playground

Zabeel park landscaping