Terms and Conditions

Before registering, subscribing, or reading the content on this site, please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.
By using the site, either as a free trial, just browsing or placing a subscription to RUDI you are accepting them and agreeing to abide by them.

1. Definitions

The following definitions shall apply:

1.1 "Conditions" - these terms and conditions

1.2 "RUDI" - the Resource for Urban Development International, is the urban design web information service offered by RUDI Ltd, whose registered office is at Apollo House, 359 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5YQ, Company Registration No. 4050309, VAT No. 768 3671 83, and whose office address is noted at the end of these Conditions

1.3 " the RUDI subscription service " - the RUDI materials available on line by means of the RUDI web server, which may be amended or modified at RUDI's discretion

1.4 "RUDI system" - the computers, software, programs, databases and communications devices and systems utilised by RUDI to provide the RUDI Service

1.5 "the Subscription" - the right of the Subscriber to use the RUDI Service

1.6 "the Subscription Fee" - the fee payable by the Subscriber for the Subscription provided by RUDI to the Subscriber

1.7 "the Subscription Period" - one calendar year or any other period set out by RUDI to the Subscriber at the time of the Subscription, and commencing from payment of the Subscription Fee

1.8 "the Subscriber" - the client who enters into an agreement to use the RUDI Service

1.9 "RUDI materials"- all data, material, editorials, news, images, case studies, files, papers, archives and other bundles or services which make up the RUDI Subscription Service including any printed material issued in connection with the RUDI Service or the RUDI System together with any amendments, updates or deletions issued at RUDI Ltd's discretion from time to time

1.10 "Permitted Use" - means the use (including reproduction, copying, downloading or printing) of the RUDI material by the Subscriber

1.11 References in the Conditions to any legislation shall be construed as references to the same as amended or re-enacted from time to time and shall include subordinate legislation or regulations.

2. Subscription

RUDI grants the Subscriber access to and use of the RUDI Materials and services during the Subscription Period in accordance with the Permitted Use, in return for payment of the Subscription Fee subject to the Conditions.

3. Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

3.1 The RUDI Service, the RUDI System and the RUDI Materials are protected by copyright law and regulations worldwide. The Subscriber warrants as conditions of the Subscription that except as may be strictly necessary for the proper exercise of the Subscription and for the Permitted Use of the RUDI material
(a) it will only use the RUDI Service, the RUDI System and the RUDI Material for the purpose of exercising the Subscription.
(b) it will not copy, use, market, re-sell, distribute, alter, add to or carry on any redistribution, reproduction, translation, publication, reduction to any electronic medium or machine readable form or commercial exploitation of the RUDI Service, RUDI System or the RUDI Material or in any other way deal with or utilise the same.
(c) it will not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the RUDI System

3.2 The Subscriber acknowledges that the title and all intellectual property rights and any other ownership rights or interest in the RUDI Service, the RUDI System and/or the RUDI Materials remain vested in RUDI or its information providers.

3.3 The Subscriber warrants that any reproduction or copy of the RUDI material made as part of the Permitted Use will be accurate and will not result in any misleading or derogatory representation of the RUDI material.

3.4 The Subscriber will include a statement on or with reference to any reproduction or copy of the RUDI material made as part of the Permitted Use to the effect that it has been obtained from RUDI as part of the RUDI service.

3.5 The Subscriber will not alter or remove any copyright symbol or other identification or any information concerning the authorship or ownership of any of the RUDI Materials.

4. Rules for subscribers

The Subscriber will comply with the provisions of any rules communicated by RUDI or the Supplier with reference to the use of the RUDI Service whether these are notified electronically, in writing or by any other means to the Subscriber.

5. Provision of the RUDI Service

RUDI reserves the right to change and develop the contents of the Subscription Service and to add or remove materials as appropriate. RUDI may alter the Subscription Fee from time to time to reflect these changes. Any changes to the Subscription Fee will not affect subscribers' current service entitlement, but will be notified and charged at the subscription renewal point.

6. Subscription Fee and Payment Terms

6.1 The Subscriber will pay an appropriate Subscription Fee depending on their subscriber category. On line subscription fees include VAT (Value Added Tax) if the subscriber is resident in the EU. On line subscribers outside the EU will be charged the same fee irrespective of VAT. VAT is also charged where appropriate on organisational subscriptions of all kinds.

6.2 If registering as a discounted user - student, charity or voluntary organisation user - proof of status must be supplied to RUDI when requested.

6.3 Access to RUDI will be granted on receipt of the Subscription Fee.

7. Security

7.1 The Subscriber must take all reasonable steps to prevent access to the RUDI System and the RUDI Service by unauthorised third parties.

7.2 The Subscriber will comply with any instructions related to the security of the RUDI Service issued by RUDI and without limiting the generality of the foregoing will use any passwords or user identification (ID) issued by RUDI for use in accessing the RUDI System.

7.3 The Subscriber accepts that it is responsible for the use of any such security measures and warrants as a condition of the Subscription that it will keep any such ID, user name or password or any other security mechanism or device confidential and will not disclose it to any other person except authorised to do so as part of a corporate subscription.
Any breach of this condition will result in termination of the Subscription. 

8. Equipment

The Subscriber will be solely responsible for obtaining, operating and maintaining all necessary computer hardware and software, modems and telecommunication links which it requires to access the RUDI Service.

9. Use of the System

The Subscriber uses the RUDI Service at its own risk. Any use to which the Subscriber puts information obtained from the RUDI Service shall be the responsibility of the Subscriber, which hereby indemnifies RUDI from and against any loss, damage, or liability whether in contract, tort or for breach of statutory duty or otherwise which may arise directly or indirectly out of such use by the Subscriber

10. Warranty

10.1 RUDI will exercise reasonable care in the provision of the RUDI Service. All other warranties or conditions as to satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose or compliance with any description or generally as to the quality of the RUDI Service whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded.

10.2 Due to the nature of interactive services, RUDI gives no warranty or commitment that use of the RUDI Service will be free from interruptions or from errors.

10.3 RUDI gives no warranty or commitment as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the RUDI Service or with reference to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information provided as part of the RUDI Service.

11. Limitation of Liability
Under no circumstances will RUDI be liable in contract, tort or for breach of statutory duty or otherwise with reference to any matter arising directly or indirectly out of or relating to the Subscription or the provision of the RUDI Service for any indirect, consequential, economic, incidental or punitive loss damage or liability, or for loss of profits, business, or data or for business interruption, or for loss of information or other pecuniary loss.

12. Confidential Information
The Subscriber will keep confidential any information provided to it in connection with the Subscription or the RUDI Service relating to RUDI, which is marked as, or which is clearly intended to be confidential. This will not apply to confidential information which

12.1 is already in the public domain

12.2 becomes known from a third party without breach of this or any other obligation of confidentiality

12.3 is required to be disclosed by a court of law or any other official body.

13. Termination

13.1 Without prejudice to its rights or remedies under the Conditions, in law or in equity, RUDI shall have the right to terminate the Subscription forthwith if the Subscriber
(a) is in material breach of its obligations under the Conditions and if such breach is not remedied within 15 days of a request so to do.
(b) fails to pay the appropriate Subscription Fee when requested to do so.

13.2 In the event of any termination or expiry of the Subscription the Subscriber will remain liable to RUDI for all outstanding sums due to RUDI for the use of the RUDI Service and will immediately cease to use the RUDI Service.

13.3 RUDI will under no circumstances be liable to refund all or part of the Subscription Fee in the event of the cancellation or termination of the Subscription.

14. Subscription transfer

The Subscription is personal to the Subscriber and may not be assigned, sub-contracted, transferred, pledged, mortgaged or dealt with in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of RUDI. RUDI may assign its rights and obligations under the Conditions to a direct or indirect subsidiary or holding company (as defined in Section 736 of the Companies Act 1985) or to a purchaser of all or part of RUDI's business.

15. Force Majeure

RUDI will not be liable for any failure to carry out its obligations regarding the Subscription if and to the extent that such failure is due to an event beyond the control of RUDI including but not limited to war (declared or undeclared), acts of God, terrorism, earthquake, accident, explosion, fire, flood, civil commotion, abnormal weather conditions, acts of government or other agencies, industrial disputes and non-availability of material.

16. Notices

Any notice to be given under the Conditions by either party to the other must be in writing and delivered by hand, email, first class letter or facsimile transmission to the address shown below, and in the case of post will be deemed to have been delivered validly and effectively three working days after posting and in the case of other means of transmission will be deemed to have been validly and effectively given on delivery unless informed to the contrary.

17. Disputes

These Conditions shall be governed by English Law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts, but will not prevent RUDI from pursuing a claim for breach of contract, copyright infringement or otherwise in respect of the Conditions, the RUDI Service, the RUDI System or the RUDI Material in any other jurisdiction throughout the world.

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