Housing: the London plan supplementary planning guidance

This Supplementary Planning Guidance(SPG) relates to the housing policies in the London Plan. It covers policies on housing provision (draft SPG published for consultation in December 2004) and policies on affordable housing (draft SPG published for consultation in July 2004). It incorporates suggestions from a wide range of public and private sector partners who responded to the consultations on the draft documents.

This SPG gives detailed guidance for boroughs on how to develop sites for housing and how to determine housing mix and density for any individual site. It emphasises that new developments should make the most effective and appropriate use of the land available, consistent with the principles of Sustainable Residential Quality. The Mayor is concerned that new housing in London should meet the full range of housing needs. The guidance sets out how this must include in particular a higher level of new family housing than is currently being built in London.

Published November 2005

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