London - Ealing - Supplementary Planning Guidance

The council has produced planning guidance that supplements the plan for the environment. The SPG listed below was adopted on 12 October 2004, except where indicated as draft. All the SPG is used by the council in determining planning applications, although the adopted guidance has greater weight than the draft guidance.

SPG 1 Sustainability checklist 
SPG 2 Water, drainage and flooding 
SPG 3 Air quality
SPG 4 Refuse and recycling facilities 
SPG 5 How to prepare an urban design statement 
SPG 6 Plot ratio 
SPG 7 Accessible Ealing 
SPG 8 Safer Ealing  
SPG 9 Trees and development guidelines 
SPG 10 Noise and vibration 
SPG 11 Affordable housing (draft)
SPG 12 Greening your home 
SPG 13 Garden space - see also Ealing LA21's guide
          on how to protect your front garden.
SPG 14 Indoor living space 
SPG 15 Residential care homes 
SPG 16 Hostels 
SPG 17 Babycare facilities 
SPG 18 Places for eating, drinking and entertainment - see the advice notes and
          also Ealing Civic Society's guide on how to object to
          places for eating, drinking and entertainment.
SPG 19 Community facilities (draft)
SPG 20 Sustainable transport: transport assessments 
SPG 21 Sustainable transport: green travel plans 
SPG 22 A40 Acton green corridor