What is RUDI?
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What is RUDI?

RUDI and RUDI.net facilitates the sharing of information between the ever-expanding circle of professionals involved in making better places.

RUDI's editorial team

RUDI inspires, instigates and facilitates communication using a range of different media, and adopts a creative approach to knowledge-exchange and networking.

RUDI is independent, interactive, authoritative and highly regarded by its diverse membership. It is ideally placed to introduce new initiatives to the diverse place-making community, and to build bridges and connections between those working in the many professional areas of the built environment sector.

RUDI provides an independent platform, well established and respected by place-making professionals for more than 10 years, on which to deliver key messages and encourage debate.

Through publications, events & exhibitions and via the RUDI online information hub RUDI.net. RUDI and its partners are ideally placed to pioneer knowledge exchange and good practice across the place-making professions.

An independent unbiased service, the Resource for Urban Development International (RUDI) is the largest web resource dedicated to urban design and placemaking. RUDI commissions, researches and creates materials for professionals in the public and private sector. As part of a value-added membership service, we also identify and provide immediate access to significant studies, guidance, best practice and other documents contributed by professional and government bodies, practitioners, academics and community organisations.

RUDI was created in 1996 as a joint project under the UK's eLib (Electronic Libraries) Programme, set up following a review of university libraries by the UK Higher Education Funding Councils. Supported by a panel of independent editorial advisors, RUDI offers a unique combination of publishing expertise, practising professionals and academics and features more than 5,000 documents, 20,000 pages and more than 9,000 images.

RUDI offers

  • Latest news, including jobs, tenders, awards, events and competition
  • Examples of good practice and design guides
  • length articles with references and links
  • Access to all the latest policy papers
  • Full text of Urban Design (UDG quarterly) magazine
  • Classic texts, which are out of print
  • Online bookshop with discounts on urban design titles

Our easily searchable archive of best practice projects includes:

  • Masterplans
  • Housing schemes
  • Public space design
  • Design guides
  • Sustainability
  • Streetscape enhancements
  • Neighbourhood renewal
  • Crime reduction
  • Home Zones
  • Traffic calming
  • Public art
  • Mixed use
  • Pedestrian priority

and much moreā€¦