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Integreat Yorkshire's mission is to provide the people of Yorkshire and the Humber with access to the skills and information they need to create great places: beautiful and sustainable places to live, work and invest in. 

Integreat Yorkshire is the Regional Centre of Excellence (RCE) in regeneration for Yorkshire and The Humber. Funded by Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward, Integreat Yorkshire is delivered in partnership with a range of organisations including the region’s universities, architecture and built environment centres and professional institutes.

Integreat Yorkshire gives people from across the regeneration sector the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills so that future projects in the region will be successful. These people include policy-making politicians, prominent architects, local council town-planning officials and members of local communities, who are passionate about the physical improvement of their neighbourhoods.

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Integreat Yorkshire provides access to RUDI for the town team members in the Yorkshire and Humber region. To find out how to access this service please contact us for more information.