Joint Centre for Urban Design

Joint Centre for Urban Design (JCUD) at Oxford Brookes University


The Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University

The Joint Centre for Urban Design (JCUD) was established in 1972 to promote better design across the public realm. Its focus is equipping graduates from disciplines as diverse as town planning, transport engineering and architecture with the urban Big Picture and the wide range of skills they needs in order to create public spaces that work for people.

Urban design is an interdisciplinary activity and the JCUD aims to bridge the gap between the professions involved in the development of the built environment by providing an integrative philosophy, bringing together theory and practice from many different fields.

The JCUD has a practical approach, equipping students with the skills to intervene effectively in the production of an improved public realm, through design practice, in a way which has application to many existing disciplines.

Students and JCUD alumni can use the JCUD student area on RUDI to keep up to date with urban design news and developments around the world.

We welcome submissions and news from JCUD alumni who are now in practice.

Events Calendar

Brought to you by the SUDS committee 2009

Here is a list of the forthcoming lecture series being organised by the
Society of Urban Design Students. The lectures are free for members of the society and
£1 for guests. There will be drinks and questions after each lecture.

17th March - URBED - 4pm onwards in A101

25th March - JASON BRUGES STUDIO - 5pm onwards in A405 -

31st March - WOMEN'S DESIGN SERVICE - 4pm onwards in A405 -

21st April - 5th STUDIO - 5pm onwards in A405 -

If you would like to contact SUDS to arrange a presentation or workshop please email:[email protected] or [email protected]