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PLACEmaking 2013: Calling creative thinkers with the will to drive place-based innovation across the place-making disciplines

PLACEmaking 2013 will be published by RUDI in summer 2013

The fifth edition of PLACEmaking will explore ways of delivering successful projects in the context of limited funds, extensive planning reform and the developing localism agenda. It will showcase the smart ideas and innovative approaches needed to deliver quality places, and highlight the economic, social and environmental value of good design.

Technology, Space and Place 2013, edition two: growing the evidence base

The second edition of this innovative publication, to be published in spring/summer 2013, will explore best practice across the capture, analysis, presentation and communication of digital information to support informed decision-making relating to transport, space and place.

New tools and practices enable timely and cost-effective collaboration, assessment, evaluation, measurement and analysis across the transport, built environment, retail, leisure and entertainment fields. Technology, Space and Place 2012 will feature need-toknow developments and best practice across the digital design, modelling and data sectors.

Living Spaces

In recognition of the shared challenge facing a range of professionals, RUDI, the newly formed Urban Intelligence Network and the Institute of Place Management (IPM) have put together a new publication with one key purpose:
to remind ourselves that even though things may currently be tough economically, our towns and cities have a bigger role in society than just providing us with a place to shop.

Designing Sustainable Cities: Decision-making Tools and Resources for Design

This book offers practical solutions to achieving sustainable urban design and development, and helps designers communicate these solutions effectively to planners, developers and policy makers.

Designing Sustainable Cities covers

latest research data on the urban environment and the interaction between social, economic and environmental issues

methods of understanding the context in which urban design takes place

guidance on the codes of practice

process maps to help understand the context, make trade-offs and develop design solutions that allow for change

methods for testing the consequences of design proposals and monitoring outcomes.

Geneaolgy of Cities

A unique atlas of city plans from ancient to modern
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The Genealogy of Cities is a compilation of ancient and modern city plans, from 350 BCE to the present, depicting both built and proposed plans. Written in clear and accessible prose, it is illustrated with more than 500 plans drawn at the same scale, a unique feature of this work. It provides a previously unavailable tool for academics and professionals who must grapple with the issue of scale in researching and teaching urban design or when creating new urban spaces. Author Charles P. Graves Jr. created these computer-generated plans to provide a method of understanding models for modern cities while also creating a series of typological diagrams for both historical periods and city fabric. Also included in this volume is a CD containing nearly 1000 plans that will allow the user to print the urban plans at any scale.

Infill – New houses for urban sites

Urban land is an increasingly precious commodity, particularly in the centre of major cities. Every spare corner of land is in demand, however small, inaccessible or awkwardly shaped. For architects the challenge is to optimize these sites while simultaneously negotiating the web of planning regulations, to create homes suited to today’s lifestyles.

New Start - free for 3 months!

RUDI members - get the 'most authoritative magazine in regeneration' free for 3 months!

New Start is the toolkit for regeneration professionals. Every month it informs and inspires subscribers with a mixture of practical learning and best practice case studies; in depth investigations; analysis and debate from our unrivalled range of columnists.

New Start is completely independent, trusted and valued by its readers and its partners across the public and private sectors. Partners including the Sustainable Communities Excellence Network, CABE, the Chartered Institute of Housing engage with New Start as a vital part of their communication strategies.

With extensive content about placemaking, urban design and sustainability, New Start is a valuable resource that RUDI members can read free for three months at no risk.

PLACEmaking 2009: celebrating quality and innovation in urbanism

PLACEmaking | 2009 | RUDI

Editor: Juliana O'Rourke


A synthesis of professional practice and case studies about better living environments. The 2nd annual publication of Placemaking presents the art of 'making places' - the processes, dynamics and complexities of design for sustainable living environments are intimated by professionals and academics

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Planning for Climate Change

Climate change is changing the context of planning and shaping its priorities. It has strengthened the environmental dimension of spatial planning and has become a new rationale for coordinating actions and integrating different policy priorities. This book provides authoritative guidance for spatial planners on how to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges that climate change raises for urban and regional development.

Adapting Cities to Climate Change: understanding and addressing the development challenges

This volume brings together, for the first time, a wide-ranging and detailed body of information identifying and assessing risk, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in urban cities in low- and middle-income countries. Framed by an overview of the main possibilities and constraints for adaptation, the contributors examine the implications of climate change for cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and propose innovative agendas for adaptation. The book should be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and academics who face the challenge of addressing climate change vulnerability and adaptation in urban centres throughout the global South.