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Turning a Town Around: A Proactive Approach to Urban Design

By Anthony Hall

Tony Hall offers solutions not through idealised prescriptions but by setting out practical action based on what has been achieved on the ground. The book draws upon his combination of both professional and political experience. This accessible and highly illustrated book shows how to:

* focus the organisation on design
* incorporate design principles into policy
* make design briefing effective
* prepare for successful negotiation

Children's Geographies

All papers submitted to the journal, including those which form part of special issue sets, are anonymously reviewed by at least two independent referees

Children's Geographies is a peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum to discuss issues that impact upon the geographical worlds of children and young people under the age of 25 and of their families. The journal aims to be accessible to new researchers, including postgraduate students and academics at an early stage of their research careers, and to practitioners with an interest in children, youth and families. Study of the geographies of this kind, whilst emphasising the importance of place, space and spatiality, inevitably cuts across inter- and intra-disciplinary boundaries. The journal provides a forum for academics and practitioners with an interest in these multi-faceted geographies, enabling new insights into the diverse and multiple realities of young people's lives.

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Architectural Theory Review

Editors: Anna Rubbo and Adrian Snodgrass, University of Sydney, Australia

Architectural Theory Review is intended to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information on the theory of architecture. It also invites for publication articles which relate architectural theory to main currents in contemporary thinking in disciplines outside architecture, such as recent philosophical thinking, sociology, ethnology, anthropology, gender studies, political theory, historiography, literary theory, ecology, computer theory, education, and so on.
The journal is intended to provide a forum where such interdisciplinary studies can be related to and inform such areas of architectural interest as studies of space and place, architectural history, the social context of architecture, sustainability, architecture and women, professional practice and ethics, design teaching, and the impact of globalisation, science and technology on the built environment.

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Building Research and Information

Editor: Richard Lorch, London, UK

Building Research & Information (BRI) is a leading international refereed journal publishing only articles of the highest quality that are original, cutting-edge, well-detailed research and of significance to the international community. The journal also publishes original information papers and innovative case studies of international significance. All papers undergo BRI's rigorous, highly selective double-blind refereeing procedures. In addition to a responsive mode for these submissions, the journal regularly commissions special issues on cross-cutting themes.

Unique to BRI is our focus on a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the built environment over the course of their life: planning, creation, use, adaptation and the end of life. BRI maintains a commitment to tracking and revisiting key research topics and themes.

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City - analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action

Editor: Bob Catterall

City is a journal of provocative, cutting-edge and committed insights into, analysis of, and commentary on the contemporary urban world. We record and analyse 'the city' cities and their futures, and urbanization from multiple perspectives including: the information and digital revolutions, war and imperialism, neoliberalism and gentrification, environment and sustainability, resistance and social movements, regeneration, resurgence and revanchism, race, class and gender, multi-culturalism and post-colonialism. City combines an analysis of trends, culture, policy and action, and features both historical and theoretical work alongside detailed case studies, policy commentary and open debate.

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European Journal of Housing Policy

Editor: Mark Stephens, University of York, UK

The European Journal of Housing Policy aims to be the leading forum for the critical analysis of housing policy, systems and practice in Europe from a social science perspective. It is published four times a year.

We welcome scholarly articles about any aspect of housing policy, systems and practice. In particular, we invite articles which highlight policy developments in national and sub-national housing systems; contribute to the comparative analysis of housing; locate housing within the wider context of European integration; link housing to wider economic and social changes; and link housing to related social and economic policies, including urban regeneration. The European Journal of Housing Policy also welcomes relevant articles on housing policy outside Europe.

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European Planning Studies

Editors: Philip Cooke, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK; Louis Albrechts, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

European Planning Studies provides a forum for ideas and information about spatial development processes and policies in Europe. The journal publishes articles of a theoretical, empirical and policy-relevant nature and is particularly concerned to integrate knowledge of processes with practical policy proposals, implementation and evaluation.

Articles of particular interest to the journal focus upon specific spatial development problems, as well as emerging explanations of new urban, regional, national or supranational developmental tendencies. Country-specific, region-specific or locality-specific issues are focused upon, although comparative analysis is of especial value. Case studies of successful spatial policies and critiques of policy failure based on in-depth study are both welcomed. A key feature of the journal is to generalize learning about best practice analysis and policy-formulation in the field of spatial development planning.

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Housing Studies

Managing Editors: Alex Marsh and Ray Forrest, both at University of Bristol, UK

Housing Studies is the essential international forum for academic debate in the housing field. Since its establishment in 1986, Housing Studies has become the leading housing journal and has played a major role in theoretical and analytical developments within this area of study.
Housing Studies has explored a range of academic and policy concerns including the following:

  • linkages between housing and other areas of social and economic policy
  • the role of housing in everyday life and in gender, class and age relationships
  • the economics of housing expenditure and housing finance
  • international comparisons and developments
  • issues of sustainability and housing development
  • demographic and social trends and the changing role of housing tenures
  • theoretical and conceptual frameworks for housing studies

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Housing Theory and Society

Editor: David Clapham, Cardiff University, UK

Housing, Theory and Society is an international, academic journal that aims to encourage the application and development of social theory in the housing field. The journal has a broad focus that includes content related to international housing, social theory and other social issues.

Contributions regularly integrate housing research into particular aspects of social science, social research and policy, including welfare studies, employment, education, gender, public health and the environmen.

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