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The Urban Design Group has renamed its journal simply 'Urban Design'. The full version of past issues are available on RUDI. The electronic version is made available to members one issue behind the printed version.

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Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 125: Mixed Streets

Topic: Mixed Streets

Multiple Centrality Assessment, Complete Streets: More Than a New Design, A Suburb is not a Tree, Design A Good Street and You Design a Good City, Liveable Arterials in Auckland City, Re-Thinking Berlin’s Radial Streets, Reshaping the American Commercial Strip, Bradford: Complex Streets, Complex Societies, High Street 2012: Celebrating a Great
London High Street

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 124: Urban Design in the Middle East

Topic: The Middle East

Challenges of Sustainable Development around the Persian Gulf, Revisiting Open Space in Beirut, Urban Space Diversity in
Working in the Middle East, Growing Trends in Urban Design Projects in Iran, Approaches to the Public Realm, Urban Design in Egypt, Dubai Pedway Development Strategy, Urban Design Education in Iran

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 123: Localism

Topic: Localism

You don’t have to be BANANAs, Neighbourhood Planning one year on, The Community is the Client, Starting At Local, Share an Idea, Localism and Inclusive Design, Digital tools in Place-making

Urban design (Quarterly) Issue 122: Temporary Urbanism

Topic: Temporary Urbanism When people take charge, Urban life for everyone – temporary measures as a planning method, Citizens as urban co-producers, A tool towards adaptable Neighbourhoods, Stepping Stones: A new approach to Community-Led Regeneration, Temporary Urbanism – its relevance and impact on teaching urban design

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 121: The Developer and Urban Design

Topic: The Developer and Urban Design We have a problem, Urban Design and Argent, From Barking to Beijing, Place-making, A provincial town perspective, A client’s view of the public realm

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 120: Transport Interchanges

Topic: Transport Interchanges Transport Interchanges: a challenge for urban design, Urban realm around the station, Amsterdam, Model Dutch Interchange, New Railway Stations as Catalysts for Regeneration and Urban Hubs, Regeneration through better interchange, Achieving better interchange

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 119: India

Topic: India The Dholera Destiny, India’s Climate Missions, Space is the Yantra, Urban Design Education, Learning Urban Design from Learning Places, Bollywood and the City, British-Indian Exchanges: Prototypes for sustainable neighbourhoods, NirLon Knowledge Park, Goregaon, Mumbai, The Scale of the urban design task

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 118: Designing London

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 118: Designing London Topic: Designing London Creating places for people, Understanding London, Public Space in the Private Sector, Private versus public in London’s public space provision, How public is public space in London? A place where we could go, The Invisible Menders, Shaping local London

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 117 parts 1 & 2

Eco-Urban Design: The challenge of going green, Designing for sustainable lifestyles, The Importance of Biodiversity, Water is not everywhere, The Role of Retrofitting, EcoCities and Vitruvian Revival Now

Urban Design (Quarterly) Issue 116

Full text of the Autumn 2010 edition viewable for all RUDI members

Cover: Beijing fireworks over Bird’s Nest Stadium Courtesy S Vision

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