Sound & place: Considering sound in urban development projects – David Prior

David Prior at question and answers – afternoon session
28 minutes

Audio and presentation slides

A Place for Creativity? The Lowry, Salford Quays – 16 June, 2009

David Prior is an award winning composer and sound designer with a background in electronic and experimental music. Having completed a PhD in music at the University of Birmingham in 2000, he has since concentrated on music production, sound design and an ongoing collaboration with architect Frances Crow in their quest to create sonic spaces, collectively going under the name of liminal.

Land in limbo: the potential of transitory urban spaces in a recessionary period

Professor Chris Baines, Independant environmental advisor,writer and broadcaster
26 minutes
Professor Chris Baines explores the ways in which neglected, under-used or as yet undeveloped land can be beneficially used in innovative and positive ways, for example as playgrounds, urban agriculture plots and community gardens

Cost effective improvements: how to create quality spaces & places without major redevelopment or huge funding

David Chapman, Director, Urban Design Skills
15 minutes
David Chapman explores a range of innovative – and common sense – small scale urban interventions that can help to to improve the usability, apprearance and appeal of public streets and places

The future of three-dimensional soundscaping: a unique town centre experience

Martyn Ware, Music Producer, Creative Director, Sonic ID and Founding Partner, Illustrious Company
28 minutes
Former 1980s pop band producer Martyn Ware explores the power and implementation of the missing link in our positive experience of place: city soundscapes

Digital masterplanning: streamlining the design cycle

A digital design process is creating new ways of exchanging knowledge and data between planners, policy makers, urban designers and computational designers

Mark Luck and Wolfgang Buttress: Finding common ground

Mark Luck and Wolfgang Buttress: Finding common ground
Mark Luck and Wolfgang Buttress: Finding common ground

The regeneration of Britain’s urban areas raise questions about the quality and function of the public realm. Publicly funded improvements to streets and open spaces are considered essential to attract inward investment, and there is a need to plan for this at a strategic level as well as deliver on the ground

Access all areas: a new city heart for Liverpool

Access all areas: a new city heart for Liverpool

The choice of a single development partner has been a fundamental driver in the success of a retail-led mixed-use development in Liverpool. The Paradise Project was planned to create a new, easily accessible city centre.

Juliana O’Rourke speaks with Capita Symonds’ Peter Mynors, transport advisor to the project at the pre-construction stage