design guidance

Town, City and Regional design guidance

Local Authority guidance

Aberdeen Footdee Design Guide (prevent further architectural erosion of the listed buildings)

Basingstoke Extending Your Home

Basingstoke Industrial Development Guidance

Basingstoke Places to Live

Basingstoke Shopfronts and Advertisements

Bath Streetscape Manual

Belfast Becoming a Better Place

Bexleyheath West End Urban Framework

Birmingham, Places for Living: Residential Design Guide

Birmingham, Places for All: City Design Guide

Birmingham, High Places: New Guidelines for the Design and Location of Tall Buildings

Birmingham Bournville Design Guide

Brighton Centre: Area Planning and Urban Design Framework

Brighton: External Paint Finishes and Colours

Brighton: Roof Alterations and Extentions

CaerphillySupplementary Planning Guidance - Building Better Places to Live: Housing Development in Urban Areas

Camden: Streetscape Design Manual

Cheltenham Shopfront Design

Chilterns Design Guide

Christchurch Shopfronts and Advertisement Design Guide

The Cotswold Design Code

The Countryside Agency, Town Design Statements

Countryside Agency Guidance


Derby City Design Papers 01

Dundee Urban Design Guide

East Meon

East Meon Village Design Statement. Article in South Talk, Issue No. 59, Dec. 1999, pp 16-17

Edinburgh Design Parameters: Alignment

Edinburgh: Strategic Aspirations

Edinburgh Tram Design Manual

Edinburgh Standards for Urban Design

Essex Urban Design Guidance

Essex Design Guide for Residential and Mixed Use Areas

Fife Design Guide

Gloucester Designing Safer Places

Gloucester Residential Design Guide - Extending Your Home

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Streetscape Guide

Kent A Guide to Sustainable Development

Kent Creating Environmental Excellence


Leeds - City Centre Urban Design Strategy

Leeds - Neighbourhoods for Living. A guide for residential design

Leeds - Vision for Leeds

Leicester City Council : Supplementary Planning Guidance

Liverpool City Centre: Public Realm Implementation Framework

Liverpool Urban Design Guide

London - Best Practice Guidance: Guide to preparing Open Space Strategies

London - Accessible London: Achieving an Inclusive Environment

London - Housing: the London plan supplementary guidance

London - Living roofs, statement and casestudies

London - Sustainable design and construction: draft supplementary planning guidance

City of London - City Street Scene Manual

City of London - Shopfront design review

Corporation of London - Designing an Accessible City

London - Barnet - Designing to reduce crime

London - Barnet - Guidance on changes to the Development Control System

London - Barnet - Planning Design Guidance

London - Barnet - Design Guide for Sustainable Design and Construction

London - Bexley - Guidance on major planning applications

London - Brent Design Guidance

London - Camden - Design guide to enhance and protect the Built Environment

London - Ealing - Supplementary Planning Guidance

London - Enfield - The purpose of this guidance is to set guidelines to promote a sustainable and carbon free development

London - Hackney - Design guide to consider the urban design character of the proposed conservation areas

London - Hammersmith and Fulham - Design Guidelines for 54-108 Uxbridge Road Sheperds Bush Green

London - Haringey - Supplementary Design Guidance (SPG) Urban Design

London - Havering - Design Guidance for Sustainable Design Guidance adn Construction

London - Hounslow - Sustainable Construction Guide

London - Islington - the Islington Streetbook

London - Kensington and Chelsea - Elderly persons' accommodation

London - Kensington and Chelsea - Housing standards

London - Kensington and Chelsea - Streetscape Guide

London - Kensington and Chelsea - Transportation standards

London - Lewisham - Residential design standards

London - Merton Design Guidance - Design Guidance for Conservation Areas

London - Newham - Supplementary Planning Guidance

London - Redbridge - Unity Square - Urban Design Guidelines

London - Richmond upon Thames - Design guidelines

London - Richmond upon Thames - Public Space Design Guide

London - Southwark - Design Access Statements Supplementary Planning

London - Sutton - Urban Design Supplementary Planning Document

London - Tower Hamlets Street Design Guide

London - Waltham Forest - Supplementary Planning Guidance

London - Wandsworth - Design guidelines for personal safety and security

London - Wandsworth - Design guidelines for the conversion of shops to residential use

London - Wandsworth - Guidance on local views

London - Westminster - Public art in Westminster

London - Westminster - Statues, scupltures and monuments

Mid Bedfordshire - Draft Design Guide for Residential Areas in Mid Bedfordshire

Newcastle: Extending Your Home-A Design Guide

New Forest District Council : Design for Community Safety

Northampton - Upton Executive Summary

Nottingham Design Guide - Community Safety in Residential Areas

Nottingham Design Guide - Extending your home

Nottingham Design Guide - Industrial Commercial and Retail Development

Nottingham Design Guide - Shopfronts

Nottingham City Centre - Streetscape Design Manual

Peterborough Residential Design Guide

Poole: Streetscapes Design Strategy Guidance Manual

Plymouth Planning and Design Briefs

Rolleston on Dove

On acquiring a taste for design. Article in Local Council Review, Volume 51, No. 6, Jan. 2000, pp 25

Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Better Places to Live in South Yorkshire: A Guide to Residential Development

Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Better Places to Work in South Yorkshire: A Best Practice Guide for Office & Industrial Development

Stafford: Virtual Stafford

Stafford: Town Centre Vision Urban Design Framework

Stirling: Durieshill New Village Design Guide

Stirling: West Sauchenford New Village Design Guide

Stoke on Trent: Design Strategy for the Built Environment

Stratford-on-Avon: Character and Design

Stratford-on-Avon: Design Guide Review

Sunderland: Supplementary Planning Guidance 3-Design

Surrey design

Surrey: Design Guide Review

Wales: A Model Design Guide

Warrington Design Statements: Supplementary Planning Guidance

Warrington Landscape Design Statement

Winchester: Local Area Design Statement Chilbolton Avenue Draft

Village Design Statements

An introduction to village design statements(VDS) giving their definition, what they are used for, how you would go about doing one and how they fit in with current UK planning legislation. This paper was published in 2001 as the Planning Green paper was being discussed. Local Development Frameworks are now part of Planning Policy Statement 12.

Village Design Statements by Phil Turner

Good practice guides, handbooks and Manuals

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Overseas guidance

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New Zealand design guidance

Finding key urban design guides, policy, strategy and guidance

Over the past 10 years, an increased focus on placemaking and regeneration across the UK led many public bodies and campaigning groups to engage in placemaking initiatives: the Urban Design Compendium, Manual for Streets, Link and Place, etc. Information on these initiatives is available via RUDI, along with strategy and guidance on most elements of the placemaking mix.

Urban Design London training - session one

Design guidance and design statements. An overview session one of the UDL urban design training series, by Rob Cowan (Urban Design Group).

A pdf workbook of this session is also available online.

Multimedia recordings (audio and visuals) of session one are avaiable on the UDL website.

RUDI's quick guide to successful placemaking resources is available here

Why do we keep building places we don't like?

Urban design is a process that involves a wide range of people with a stake in an area and many different kinds of professionals and communities of interest. A successful outcome depends on these people working effectively together.

Good urban design is not an abstract ideal. It is a matter of creating the right conditions to make places work. Urban design is relevant from the largest to the smallest scale, and from the most historic town centre to the newest suburban development.


Manual for streets: DCLG

Manual for streets: DCLG

Although it does not set out new policy or legislation, it shows how the design of residential streets can be enhanced. It also advises on how street design can help create better places – places with local distinctiveness and identity. In addition, it establishes a common reference point for all those involved in the design of residential neighbourhoods.

Urban Design Guidance

Urban Design Guidance

Urban Design Guidance by Rob Cowan.
Amid a a great deal of confusion about what design guidance is, how it should be prepared, what clients expect, what services consultants offer, and what resources are required, this guide focuses on the detail, spelling out exactly what local authorities might include in urban design guidance and what developers and designers should expect to find in it. It provides a framework for all those involved in the development process.
Its aim is to help people use the right tools for the job, and to use them effectively. It is addressed to everyone who plays a part in commissioning, preparing or using guidance, whether as developers, council officers, consultants, politicians or members of partnerships.

Published July 2002 for the Urban Design Group by Thomas Telford Publishing.

More information about publications launched at Summit 2005 in Manchester

New national planning policy published this week, puts good design at the heart of the system, was welcomed by CABE. The new Planning Policy Statement 1 (PPS1) will ensure that good planning and good design are indivisible. The guidance makes it clear that design is about how places work, not just how they look, a message CABE has consistently championed.