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PLACEmaking 2008-2013: RUDI's flagship annual publication

Calling thought leaders with the will to drive creativity and innovation across the placemaking disciplines…

PLACEmaking is an editorially-led, analytical publication that provides a candid overview of the key issues facing placemakers.

Detailed case studies offer insight into the success of innovative placemaking schemes currently being designed and delivered internationally, supported by stakeholder commentary.

PLACEmaking was created to develop the work of RUDI (Resource for Urban Development International), an organisation and membership community created in 1989 at the Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University, UK, a leading centre of interdisciplinary thinking about place and movement. It highlights the innovative strategies and initiatives that are working to create resilient communities.

Property values and economical viability in masterplanning

Simon Davies
Simon Davis, director of Urban Delivery, emphasized the importance of property values being considered as an integral part of masterplans. He urged that masterplans should not just include design and planning concepts but should take in implementation issues. All parts of the public sector needed to be engaged in preparing masterplans and subsequent delivery following an agreed timetable.