Delivering great places to live, by Dominic Church (CABE)

Delivering great places to live, by Dominic Church (CABE)
Delivering great places to live

Dominic Church, Senior Policy Advisor, Commission for Architectureand the Built Environment (CABE)

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Remaking places: nine leading urbanists discuss new thinking about design, density, functionality and sustainability

All across the UK there are areas of our towns, cities and suburbs that are unsuitable for modern styles of life. Such places are in need of re-engineering and re-designing to turn them into vibrant, liveable places that cater for current needs and a sustainable future. Nine leading urbanists discuss ideas for remaking places: video, audio, presentations and papers can be downloaded

Adapting spatial planning for a changing climate


The issue of adapting the ways we live to climate change – and that includes planning for our built and rural environment – has been placed centre stage by the recent severe flooding in Yorkshire and the Midlands.

There have been a host of initiatives launched across Europe to deal with planning for climate change. One of these, the ESPACE Project, set up in 2003 to look at how adaptation to climate change can be incorporated into the spatial planning system, is delivering its first results.

Public spaces for people: lessons from abroad

How do we create inspiring public spaces? Do good ideas travel? It’s people (and especially public servants), that make or break a place. What can the UK learn from abroad? By Brian Goodey, Professor Emeritus Urban Landscape Design, JCUD, Oxford Brookes University

8g. Pariscatalan5b. Taj Mahal
Using urban public space in Paris...the Ramblas, Barcelona...and the Taj Mahal, India