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Shared surface street design research project: report of focus groups

By Guide Dogs for the Blind

Shared space street design schemes are being implemented in town centres around the UK. Typically, these involve shared surfaces between pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. Blind and partially-sighted people are finding it extremely difficult to move around safely and independently within these environments, when the traditional ‘clues’ used by guide dog owners and other blind people – such as footways, kerbs and tactile paving – are removed.

Research has shown that the implementation of shared surface design is putting blind and partially-sighted people at risk. Moving away from established practice requires the courage to develop, explore and refine new solutions. The input of blind and partially-sighted people into this process at this early stage will be vital.

Ashford's shared space team

Scheme details

A pioneering public realm scheme in Ashford in the Garden of England is merging the boundaries between engineering and art to provide an innovative solution to transport and environmental issues.
Here we reveal an in-depth analysis of the inter-disciplinarian nature of the design team as provided by Richard Stubbings - Kent County Council's design champion.

The evolving retail environment: planning and designing for future shopping

Richard Rees, Director, Urbanism Group, Building Design Partnership (BDP)
22 minutes
Richard Rees talks about the present and future of shopping, with a special emphasis on sustainability

Creating a civic spine: Re-making Ashford town centre

Lindsey Whitelaw, Director, Whitelaw Turkington
25 minutes
Lindsey discusses the objecives, processes and outcomes involved in the re-invention of Ashford

Carter Lane Quarter, City of London

Carter Lane Quarter, City of London

A project focusing on pedestrianised courts and lanes and the provision of new public spaces. Transport planning encourages vehicles to move slowly, and to share spaces defined by textures and colours