Burscough Bridge: A fairytale made reality

An inventive townscape regeneration project in Burscough Bridge, a large village in Lancashire, has delivered an inspiring new public realm. Vision, innovation, craftsmanship, quality materials and partnership work together to underlie the project’s success
The design partnership worked closely with West Lancashire District Council, Lancashire County Council, Burscough Parish Council, Lancashire County Council and a local community steering group. The community had clear preferences, with a new village clock being a top priority. The £1 million scheme, funded by West Lancashire Investors in Business Regeneration Programme (NWDA) also had the key objective of bringing about a dramatic change in how Burscough Bridge is perceived. watch the animation

Transport planners come out of the railway station

In terms of pedestrian movement modelling and design analysis, there are dedicated tools used by specialist pedestrian modellers like Intelligent Space, and by analysis-led practices such as Space Syntax. Data from these analyses can be fed into the design process in the same way as other specialist analyses, for example noise and light assessments.

Barking Central


Barking Central is designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, originally for Urban Catalyst - now for Redrow, to create 200 homes and a lifelong learning centre on the site of an original library. The project sits adjacent to the existing town hall and includes the creation of a new civic square

Transforming Cities: Revival in the Square

Nick Corbett | 2004 | RIBA

The city square has always been at the heart of public urban life. Governments around the world are encouraging city authorities to work with the private sector by investing in urban design, and new city squares are providing the focus for this activity.

The various governmental, professional and corporate organisations involved with the design, development and management of public space have traditionally been divided into separate disciplines, resulting in a fragmented system characterised by communication gaps between the main stakeholders. This book demonstrates what can be achieved when stakeholders work together for the benefit of all.

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Birmingham renaissance
Birmingham renaissance - Eastside


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Monument: new public space


Monument, City of London

Project overview by bere: architects


  • new glass pavilion
  • new public square
  • pedestrianisation