streets and street use

Walking back to healthiness – and cycling too. It’s high time we started prescribing, not just talking about, ‘miracle cures'

Transport and health: as Transport for London publishes what it calls “the world’s first Transport Health Action Plan”, John Dales explores the issues. Transport is the main way that people stay physically active, as the main way people stay active is by going about their regular business – in ways that involve walking or cycling

The Government says it wants our views on local authority parking; even though its mind seems made up

Local authority parking: the latest consultation is, sadly, flawed. The first main paragraph of the consultation document refers to ‘local authority parking strategies’, views are only invited in relation to ‘local authority parking enforcement’, and the feedback forms do not permit views to be expressed other than in respect of ten enforcement-focused questions

Street justice: the balance of power on the UK’s streets is back to front and it’s high time for change

A vehicle with a blind spot capable of swallowing up twelve bicycles is, by any reasonable definition, unfit for use on streets where cyclists are entitled to be present; and especially so in a city where the Mayor is actively trying to increase the number of cyclists on its streets. John Dales discusses the need for better street justice

New London cycle design standards turn mayor’s vision into practitioner detail

A new method for assessing a street’s level of service for cyclists lies at the heart of Transport for London’s draft London Cycling Design Standards. Andrew Forster spoke to Paul Lavelle, one of the standard’s authors, says Andrew Forster

Great places go beyond design manuals

By John Dales

A street which breaks quite a few ‘taboos’ of contemporary urban realm design – in Exmouth Market, London, for example, there are (gasp!) loads of bollards; and the quality of materials is not of the highest order – but it is still a great place. Exmouth Market has its own character; not one handed down to it by a design manual