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Seen and heard: Reclaiming the public realm with children and young people

A survey commissioned by Play England for Playday, an initiative designed to celebrate the right of children to play outside, highlights that children want and need to play in their local streets.

The research undertaken for this report across six different neighbourhoods suggests that the government’s ambitions to improve the wellbeing of children, and its aim to create sustainable communities, will fall short unless the needs of children and young people in their everyday environment are taken seriously by all those designing, delivering and managing the public realm.

Making space for play: Wayne Hemingway on safer space for young people

Making space for play: Wayne Hemingway on safer space for young people
Wayne Hemingway

The design and use of public space to enable greater access by children and young people is now under unprecedented scrutiny. In the first half of 2008, a national play strategy will set out work across government to provide children with ‘better physical environments and to create more child-friendly public space’. Part of the challenge will be renewing play space, but also identifying and overcoming barriers to children and young people’s access to the public realm and their independent mobility.

Places to Go: A summary of research evidence on play space for young people

Places to Go - A summary of research evidence

Safer streets, neighbourhoods which embrace children playing in them and a public transport system that is affordable and takes young people where they want to go are all essential in a civilised public realm. Until recently, these have not received the attention that they should. ‘Things to do and places to go’ were recognised as important in Every Child Matters, but a programme of change in the delivery of statutory services was slow to realise that some outcomes could only be delivered by changes to public infrastructure and public space.

This document highlights the change that needs to happen to deliver the sspirations of the Children’s Plan.