Pictures speak louder than words…

From slick computer graphics to 3D models, getting the right message across is a ‘must-do’ for the equitable development of sustainable communities. During a recent regeneration project in London, a tenants group grew so frustrated with the incomprehensible information being coming their way from design and regeneration professionals that they sent two tenants from the group to study on an urban design evening course. These two then became trusted ‘translators’ and advisors to the tenants.

Bringing the European 3D community together

The 2009 IMAGINA European 3D Community Event and awards, to be held in Monaco in February, brings together 3D experts and solutions from across Europe to present the latest thinking in 3D visualisation and simulation. The Architecture and Urbanism sector is the fastest growing sector, reflecting the popularity of 3D visualisation and the increasing range of products and applications in use.