social cohesion

Sustain our Suburbs

This report was commissioned by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Commission for the Built Environment (CABE) in order to examine the suburban context and discover what policy and practice solutions could be developed to enable suburbs to respond appropriately to the climate change, social cohesion, affordable housing and sustainable development ambitions laid out by Government.

For the purposes of this scoping study we have focused solely on the English context, but will extrapolate our findings to the wider UK context in subsequent work.

Neighbourliness + empowerment = wellbeing


This report, from The Local Wellbeing Project, aims to accelerate understanding of how local authorities can, through their community engagement and neighbourhood working practices, increase the wellbeing of their residents. The Local Wellbeing Project is a unique, three-year initiative to explore how local government can practically improve the happiness and wellbeing of their citizens.