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Dodgy data: how can we be sure that policy-supporting data is based on real evidence?

The quality of data in policy debates doesn’t necessarily matter – as long as the media can be persuaded to use it, says Phil Goodwin. There is only an uncritical press printing the PR press-release almost verbatim, and sponsors taking out full page adverts. Nobody – just nobody – seems to be interested in the question of whether the numbers are supportable with real evidence

Strategic infrastructure frameworks: helping transport to support the growth agenda

Ministers want local authorities and the business community to work together to deliver transport investments that foster economic growth. Andrew Forster, Local Transport Today, spoke to Martin Tugwell, Oxfordshire’s deputy director for growth and infrastructure, about the county’s plan for a Strategic Infrastructure Framework to prioritise investments

Connected communities: RSA report

This report gives an account of the first year of the RSA Connected Communities project. Our work draws on a wealth of recent research that reveals the striking extent to which social networks affect our behaviour and wellbeing. We are working in New Cross Gate in southeast London, and in Knowle West, Bristol, to apply this knowledge at a local level, by examining how social networks might help communities to help themselves.