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Walking trips plummet as active travel message fails to hit home

The number of walking trips made by Britons has fallen by more than a quarter since the mid-1990s, according to the new National Travel Survey. Cycling trips are down too, as are trips by car and bus. In fact, the only mode to buck the downward trend is rail.

Smart moves: why we shouldn't simply Carry On Driving, and what we can do to support the more eco-friendly travel modes?

Green thinking needs to get smarter to really deliver, says Peter Stonham, Landor LINKS' director. Public transport and the non-motorised modes have long traded on their green credentials and the lower carbon emissions that attend to journeys on buses, trains, trams, bikes and walking, compared to similar trips in the private car. But it is not enough to stand still in this area, not least because the fuel efficiency and other eco-credentials of new cars are improving rapidly, and the motor industry is already strongly promoting new cars as a greener choice too